Supporting and sharing

Our world and its resources are precious

Many years ago, Western governments committed to providing 0.7% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the world’s developing countries.  In the EU, only The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg have achieved this, although as recently as November 2008, the EU recommitted to achieving this target by 2015.

Whether or not the percentage target is right the principle of sharing some of our wealth with those in genuine need surely still holds good.

Ray Georgeson Resources has committed 0.7% of its annual turnover to nominated development causes. 

In the 2008/09 financial year, this resulted in donations to support two organisations that deliver excellent value and necessary services in developing countries, covering both development support and relief in disaster stricken places.  They are:

Tree Aid
TREE AID is enabling communities in Africa's drylands to fight poverty and become self-reliant, while improving the environment.
TREE AID is the UK's only forestry focused development charity providing funding and on-the-ground training and support to local organisations in the Sahel of Africa.

Millions of people's lives are devastated by natural disaster and conflict each year.
RedR UK helps to rebuild lives by providing aid workers with the skills they need to make a difference. We do this through delivering expert international and UK training programmes, running a recruitment service and by providing online expertise. We also support a membership scheme for professionals vital to relief and rehabilitation programmes around the world.