Publications and articles

Our world and its resources are precious

I have written a regular column for Resource magazine since 2005. Called A Sideways View, it does what is says - takes a different look at waste and resources and mixes the humorous and the serious in our business with equal measure.
It is a labour of love for a great magazine – if you don’t get it, subscribe now!  

Recent publications I have been involved with include:

Friends of the Earth, More jobs, less waste - potential for job creation through higher level of recycling in the UK and EU (September 2010) 

Friends of the Earth Europe, Gone to waste - the valuable resources that European countries bury and burn 

This made an assessment of the monetary and carbon value of key recyclable materials that are still landfilled or incinerated in the UK and EU (published October 2009)

European Environmental Bureau, Campaign guide to the Waste Framework Directive transposition - opportunities and actions for NGOs

This provided NGOs across Europe with a briefing on key elements of the WFD in order to support policy activity this year in each Member State as they move towards transposition of the Directive (published December 2009)

I have written occasional opinion columns for Here is ‘The key to recycling growth’  - 12th Dec 2007

At WRAP I produced and contributed to a number of reports and publications, including all four Business Plans to date and all Annual Reviews and Achievements Reports up to and including 2008.

I have contributed to a range of reports and publications over the years. Previous key publications have included:
What people think about waste?   Waste Watch/NOP, 1999
Community recycling – a handbook for local groups.  Waste Watch, 1995
Good practice guide for local authorities – collection. DETR, 1996

Recent case studies: 

RGR delivered facilitation services to Charnwood Borough Council to support their procurement of a new waste collection service.  We organised meetings of Council members and the local community in two phases, asking for their views on priorities for the new contract.  The resultant contract award saved the Council £1.25m per year and also provided the residents of Charnwood with services they had been consulted upon.

East Midlands Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (EMIEP) has published this as a case study, available at£1.25m%20per%20year%20through%20the%20procurement%20of%20a%20new%20environmental%20services%20contract.pdf 


Recent articles:

'Made today, gone tomorrow?' is the theme of a report recently produced (with Dr Jane Beasley) for Envirolink Northwest and Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority, looking at future trends in waste and resource management.  It summarises our research and a series of symposia we organised in 2010 with leading industry experts.  The first of a two-part article series in CIWM Journal summarising the report appeared in the January 2011 edition.