Monday, May 23, 2011 - 17:20
Delivering on the 'big society' - well done to REalliance


Ray Georgeson

Do have a look at the recent report from REalliance, available on their website: 

It charts the success of the three year Defra/WRAP funded Third Sector Development Programme managed by REalliance CIC.  In a climate in which it is increasingly difficult for 'intermediary support bodies' like REalliance to find Government funding for their work, it is worth a moment to look at just what might be missed in the future.  This programme, which was delivering Big Society objectives before the phrase was coined, has provided business support to social enterprises and voluntary organisations in waste reduction, reuse and recycling.  It has improved the business and organisational skills of groups across England, enabling them to increase turnover, training places, products reused and recycled - and reduce carbon emissions into the bargain.

Remembering always that sustainable development is all about the mix of social, economic and environmental objectives, so many of the projects supported by REalliance meet all three and contribute to Big Society in so many ways, not just about the environmental.

Good luck to REalliance and all the community and social enterprises who continue to contribue so much to society - big or otherwise!