June 2010

Recycle Week 2010 - clear out the attic!

This week is Recycle Week 2010, where special attention is paid to the importance of recycling and reminding people what can be done.  This year focuses on small electrical items and reminding people that these can also be recycled.  It isn't just the big stuff like fridges and cookers - all those things that just seem to break down but we can't bear to throw away, like toasters, hair

Who are the real bin bullies?

Oh dear.  The warm language of partnership expressed by the Coalition Government clearly hasn’t reached the territory occupied by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles.  Today, Mr Pickles unsurprisingly stamped on the previous Government’s attempt to allow local authorities the option of introducing charges for household waste collection

Can a sustainability approach save the Great British Pub..?

In the couple of years or so that I have lived in my adopted home town in West Yorkshire, there have been several closures of much missed community facilities in the form of local pubs.  They tend to be those backstreet, suburban and village hostelries and not the cheap drink emporia frequented by today’s young people, and this is a trend which is being repeated across the

Will Defra get waylaid by the reopening of the hunting debate?

When the new Coalition Government launched its programme a couple of weeks ago, they published it on a website where comments can be made -  http://programmeforgovernment.hmg.gov.uk/ and so I thought I would have a look and leave a short comment about the few lines on waste and recycling.

Making the most of resources in our communities

This is an article recently written by me as Chair of REalliance for the Urban Mines website: